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If you have been guided to this page, it may be because you are ready to live the life you dream about!

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This work is for everyone; LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC inclusive

Experience the Alchemy of Spiritual Hypnotherapy


You are so loved by those in the spirit world. The alchemical process of Spiritual Hypnotherapy opens the door for you to travel deep within so you can release old energies and programs that keep you from living the life your heart desires. If you are ready to move forward and create the life you long for, see what Linda Baker, Master Alchemist has to offer.    Reach your highest potential                       Magic and Miracles await

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Linda Baker

Linda has always been interested in the spirit world, and is a long-time seeker of spiritual wisdom. Her own path has taken her from the dark days of suffering with anorexia to the beautiful, wonder-filled life she lives today. Linda left her position as a psychiatric nurse in 1984 to pursue a careeer in Alchemical Hypnotherapy. Now, after nearly four decades of learning from physical and non-physical teachers, she offers heart-centered, sacred sessions that change lives. Currently, in addition to seeing private clients, Linda holds classes in Japan, and on-line through

"The garden is my happy place and a powerful metaphor for life. Weeding takes time. We must pull out the roots to insure their removal. Planting the garden takes patience and care. In doing these things we are blessed with fragrant, colorful flowers and delicious, nutritious foods. Nature feeds our minds, bodies and souls. Each one of us holds the potential to be a beautiful and abundant part of the garden of life." - ~ Linda
You are such a magical presence on this eatth. Thank you so much for helping me thru this most difficult hurdle & allowing me to open up my very being for the next wonderous adventures that lie ahead. You truly brought "Source" and enlightened guides directly through you as well as me during the complete session. I am changed forever in such loving ways! Namaste.

D.B. Artist, singer and Musician

Thank you for the incredible experience today! I actually feel better today than at any time since I had the stroke -I also have certain physical flexibility that was not there previously! - Just walked around the neighborhood with NO PAIN!! So this is the beginning of so much more. It's so nice to find someone who genuinely cares, and who I can trust with these dark things.

G.L. -WA

private sessions and classes

Linda offers private Spiritual Hypnoterapy Sessions both online and at her in-home crystal healing room. Sessions are generally 2 -2.5 hours and cost $200. 

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Linda currently teaches for Bridges Academy in the USA as well as in Japan. If you would like to read articles on Spiritual/Alchemical Hypnotherapy by Linda as well as see what classes she is currently offering please go to:

Bridges.Academy LLC

Books by Linda Baker now at:  and Amazon:
Soul Sontracts: How They Affect Your Life and Your Relationships  -  The Bridge Between Worlds: The Miracle of Following the Heart-  These Changing Times: Understanding and Prospering in a COVID World  - Train Your Brain: Change Your Life and Alchemical Scents: Intergrating Hypnosis and Essential Oils co-authored with Patricia Haggard.


Consciously choose the path you walk, and the seeds you plant

"Having courage to step into our dark internal cave and face the monsters that hide there, is the only way to transform the darkness into light and the monsters into butterflies." - Linda

While you may think you control your mind, there are more powerful forces at play. Our subconscious mind and the energy we carry within our cellular structure hold the power that directs our lives. These are the unseen drivers that magnetically draw people and experiences to us. Instead of blaming the world, or others for our troubles, we need to look inside.

"You are a phenomenal computer who may be running a program that needs to be deleted and replaced with new magnetic patterns that serve your highest good." - Linda

Negative internal drivers may be the results of:

childhood neglect or abuse - past lives - abandonment - energies of anger - fear - shame - guilt - grief or jealousy that we secretly hold in our minds and bodies.

Private sessions include topics as: Inner Child Healing - Past Lives - Physical Issues - Communicating with the Deceased - Connecting with the Higher Self and Spirit Guides - Healing from shame, guilt and grief.

"In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now." - Wangari Maathai