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Soul Contracts:
How They Affect Your Life and Your Relationships

“The Alchemy Institute is one of America’s foremost training programs in Past Life Regression.  When my students study Past Life Regression, there are many texts we recommend.  Soul Contracts is at the top of the list.  Linda’s compassion and her skill as a hypnotherapist show through in one inspiring story after another that proves the practical power of past life regression to transform lives.  This book is filled with easy to read, fascinating true stories that open a window into a rich and extraordinary world of healing which lives inside of each of us.” – David Quigley founder and Director of the Alchemy Institute

I am extremely grateful to Linda for sharing her experiences through the stories in Soul Contracts.  Before I discovered Alchemical Hypnotherapy, I felt isolated and confused.  Many who find themselves drawn to others in a powerful way with feelings and emotions which defy logic, practicality and conscious reasoning, will find peace in understanding that there are energies and emotional memories carried from other lifetimes with the soul.  With this understanding we can empower ourselves to heal past patterns which have created blocks in our present life. Linda’s insights are truly a gift.  As more and more souls choose the path of higher understanding and desire to release the root causes of whatever holds them from achieving their desired goals, the energy of the whole increases.”  L.R.- Albany, NY

“Dear Linda, I love what you have written as it is so personal and easy to read and most important for everyone to understand that much of what is happening in their lives has its root in their distant past of a previous incarnation. Reincarnation is a fact as we are eternal and we can free ourselves of a problem in the present when we resolve the past in the manner that Linda Baker is sharing with us. A must read for the spiritually sincere.” - Terry Cole-Whittaker; best selling author of numerous books including;What you Think of Me is none of My Business

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Alchemical  Scents

- co-authored with Patricia Haggard

                                       In this book you will learn how pure essential oils can assist you in

                                “hands-on” book with many helpful hints and processes for bringing

                                       healing and abundance into your life.

                                       “I am incredibly impressed with every page, and now I am extremely

                                   excited about bringing essential oils into my life and practice.” - C.S.; C. H.T.

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The Bridge Between Worlds
The Miracle of Following the Heart

“I loved this book, I was inspired with the story to live life to the fullest and to allow Divine guidance at all times. The book also illustrates how there are no limits to Love, how when we fully allow ourselves to listen to our intuition it can leads us to amazing connections of human and Spiritual love, not matter the country or color of the skin. The book is also very educational on Chinese culture, I was very delighted to be taken on a fantastic trip to China from the comfort of my own home!” — E.S.

“I really enjoyed reading this book for several reasons. One reason is the story itself. It's about how an American tourist meets a young Chinese man on her first visit to China and how they notice a special connection with each other. The story enfolds with the author trying to find a way to assist this young man in making the transition from being a son of a farmer to being a college student. There are photos so you get to see what the real life characters of the book look like. Another reason I liked the book is how the author openly shares her personal struggles in learning to trust and follow her intuition, a not so easy path to follow.” — M.B.
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