Sessions with Linda


Linda offers sessions in person and via Zoom:

In person Linda works from her home in the Crystal Healing Room. Upon entering the room you are invited to share your thoughts and feelings so that a clear intention of the session is reached. You will than lie down upon the crystal healing bed and Linda will guide you during the session using the process of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, crystal healing, sound, essential oils and movement. All or some of these will be used depending upon what you need and how Linda is guided. You can expect the process from entering to leaving to take approximately 2.5 hours. the length of the session depends upon the time needed to reach completion of a step in your healing process.

With Zoom Linda uses the Alchemical process coupled with crystal healing, movement and sound. These session generally take about 2 hours to complete. Since energy travels through space and time, the healing work via this medium works as well as an in-person session.

Often Asked Questions:

How much does a session with Linda cost?

The length of the sessions depends upon several factors. They generally run between 2-3 hours and cost $190

How do I arrange for a session?

The first thing is to have a no-cost-to-you telephone conversation with Linda. This will allow her to evaluate if her work can be beneficial to you and also for you to connect with her to find if you feel comfortable with and want to work with her. It’s important that you feel confidence and trust in anyone whom you choose to do healing work with. At the end of the phone interview you may choose to set up an appointment time, or not - this is completely up to you.

How do I prepare for a session?

First set your intention for the session and focus on that intention. Let Spirit (your Higher Self) know that you are ready to bring healing, to release all that needs to be released, to know whatever you need to know and to receive the gifts the Universe has for you. State that you are willing to feel emotion and to say and do whatever is necessary for you to have what you seek. This is an important step and with it you may find yourself having vivid dreams, remembering things you had forgotten, feeling anxious or even a little scared. This is all your psyche getting ready for the shift. The old energy knows that it you are preparing to release it and so it may try to cause doubt or fear.  Of course you may also feel excitement as the day of the session draws near. Both the part of your readiness to embrace change.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing. If its summertime and you go barefooted, you may want to bring a pair of socks to keep your feet warm. It’s a good idea refrain from wearing eye make-up as you may find yourself crying during the session.

How many sessions will I need?

The work is powerful and there is no way of knowing how many sessions will be needed. It depends on how open a person is and how ready he or she is to deeply release old energies. This is  not about right or wrong, only about readiness. For those who have done a lot of healing work, one session may be all it takes. For those who have done less or not at all, it may take more. In any case this is not weekly work. It is too powerful for that. It takes time to process and integrate the work done in the session. Linda will discuss this with you following your session.

How do I integrate the work into my life?

During the session you will be given “homework” to do. Linda will go over this with you following the session. The homework is important to the process. It will deepen the healing work and “make it stick.” The homework will improve and add to your life and will be something that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

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