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The Inner Child -From my work as a hypnotherapist I know that while we may intellectually understand the power of forgiveness, gratitude and letting go, that which is held in our  subconscious mind and the cells of the body is not easily released. Do you find yourself criticizing or judging yourself for how you dress, speak, or act? Do you criticize and judge others? Often the judgment and criticism we externalize to others is only a reflection of how we judge and criticize ourselves. Listen to your self-talk  because what you say to yourself is what you are saying to your inner child. Do you really want to be sayingthose things to that precious part of yourself? Do you love, hate or disregard that inner child? You can change your inner program and open your heart to loving and cherishing your inner child. To learn more click the button below to read The Magical Inner Child  publshed and free, only at Bridges Academy. Click the button to read more.

Secrets to manifestation - It is impossible to attract and keep what you are not in vibrational alignment with. Yes, you may be able to put on an act for a short period of time so you can attract the person or job that you desire, but unless you raise your vibrational energy to that level, you will find that you are unable to hold on to that which you have attracted. If something in your life is not where you would like it to be, you can change your energy field. We are like magnets and attract to us what we are in alignment with. Likewise, we also repel that which we are not in alignment with. If you are interested in how you can determine your level of vibrational energy and how you can increase it click this button and read Linda's complete article on The Secrets to Manifestation publshed and free, only at Bridges Academy.

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Mother Nature offers us an endless bounty of beautiful foods that nourish our physical body, mind and soul. Imagine the life that you desire to lead and choose the foods, thoughts and actions that take you there. One of my favorite quotes comes from Ascended Master Saint Germain is: "Thought,Feeling and the Spoken Word are the only Creative Power in the Universe."

SoulContractsl: How They Affect Your Life and Your Relationships  Past Life Therapy to Change Your Present Life

A strong feeling of love, mistrust, fear, hate, compassion, or other emotion for someone in this present-day life can be explored to see if its roots lie in a present-day situation, a past life, or both. If the feeling makes sense to us in this lifetime because of the relationship we have with the person, then at least part of it has to do with this lifetime. But, if the feelings seem incongruent, illogical, or even crazy, then they are most likely rooted in a past life. For example, we may wish to leave an abusive relationship, yet in some peculiar way feel bound to it. We may fear that a certain person will hurt or betray us even though there may be no evidence to support this fear. We may find ourselves with a compulsion to save people who do not want or need saving and they may even use our well-meant attempts as a way to continue their dysfunctional behaviors. There are numerous could be scenarios that may be rooted in childhood challenges, or in past lives.Purchase this thought provoking and educational book at: or on Amazon

These Changing Times: Understanding and Prospering in a COVID World

"While enjoying lunch the other day my gaze turned to the garden that lie on the other side of the window and a message from spirit was given to me. “You are here on vacation.” In that moment, upon hearing those words, I felt peace and detachment from this physical world. For that brief moment in time I felt as if I were living in a different dimension. Upon return to normal consciousness I paused to ponder what had just happened. Although I’m aware that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body, this experience settled deep within me. I understood, that just like with any vacation, we traveled to planet earth to explore, enjoy, learn, and live our best until the day comes, like with any vacation, we return home. I know this is true because of the chills I get while writing this. Chills, little goose bumps, are a way your angels let you know that you have either just spoken or heard an important truth." If you enjoyed this excerpt from Linda's book, These Changing Times, you can purchase the title from: orAmazon.

While I often use the garden as a metaphor for life, I also like the metaphor that baking bread (another one of my hobbies) provides.  First comes the vision of what the finished product will look and taste like, next comes gathering all the high quality ingrediants that are needed. Put them together, do the work of kneading, then have the patience to let the dough rest so it has time to rise to its full potential. Bake and enjoy. Leaving out any step may result in a finished product that is not to your liking. Bread sustains life, and the making of bread gives us the formula for baking a good life - the life we desire and dream of.

The Secrets to Productive Inner Gardening (reap what you sow)

Imagine that your mind is a garden of fertile soil and that any seed (thought) you plant in it will grow and develop into what you will reap. In a real garden you cannot expect to plant a bean seed and be disappointed or upset when carrots pop up. That would be silly. It’s very simple, if you want beans, plant bean seeds. No matter how hard you pray, affirm, visualize or complain about it, your carrot seeds will never grow to be beans. Still people who plant seeds of doubt, negativity, pessimism resentment and hatred (to name a few)  or try to make someone change into who they want them to be, become angry, disillusioned or depressed when their harvest is not what they wanted. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life, so if it is not what you want, take a close look at the seeds you have been, and continue to plant.

How do you prepare and plant a mind garden that will yeild the harvest you desire? To check out the 5 steps to an abundant inner garden click this link and read the full article, free and exclusive at:

Brain Training - How to Take Control of Your Mind toCreate the Life you Truly Desire

Economic insecurity, climate crisis, earthquakes, unemployment, super-bugs, terrorism and war are a few of the current issues that have millions caught up in fear. Are you one of them? NOW more than ever is the time to train your brain and live your Divine Truth! Is your choice to be part of the solution, or the problem? Do you desire an abundant, peaceful and joy filled life, or one that succumbs to the hypnotic trance of news anchor drama - waiting to see if a flood of depression, fear, hate or doubt comes in with the next headline story? Do you want the ship of your life to ride on calm seas that moor at the dock of inner peace and abundance? Or do you want to send your ship crashing about in a turbulent ocean at the mercy of oil slicks and the next wave of bad news? If you choose to get off the rollercoaster and ride the magic carpet to your heart’s desires, then you are in the right place – so let’s get started! To read the full book, you can purchase at: or Amazon

On a trek in Nepal,  one of the highlights was an early morning hike  to the top of Poon Hill to watch the sun rise and watch the ring of Himalayas magically emerge  from the darkness of night and into the glittering light of the sun. The morning before, one of my tour mates said it was going to be overcast and rainy so we would miss the splender of seeing this sight. I said, "No, I did not come for rain. It will be clear and perfect." He laughed and showed me his global, always correct, weather forecasting site and said I was wrong. I knew I wasn't. That next morning we hiked into the darkness and made our way to the top of Poon Hill in time to witness the magic of each mountain peak appear as the light of the sun lit each one. He was astounded and couldn't believe it. I say I'm the Weather Goddess, because the right weather comes when I travel, but I am no goddess, I only know the power of the word and the strength of intention. Make sure to read The Secrets of Manifestation at the top of this page.

The Heart - Mind Bridge

There is a bridge between the mind and the heart. The heart feels desire and longing, while the mind thinks of the reasons why or why not the heart’s desire is possible. When the bridge is open, communication flows easily between these two. Life is balanced, dreams are created and the desires of the heart become reality. Unfortunately, for many this bridge has been broken, or a guardhouse of bricks and stones from the past erected to block this communication. When the bridge is obstructed we live with a heart that is disconnected from the mind, resulting in an unbalanced and unfulfilled  life.

The bridge is the energy center of the throat. This is the place where creativity, authenticity and expression of individual truth live. When we speak our truth from a place of peace and power our heart feels safe enough to open and our mind creates the words and logic that support the heart and our success. The heart must stay closed in proportion to how open the throat is, because the heart cannot fully open, to giving or receiving, until it trusts that the throat is able to speak out to protect us.  What blocks this bridge and causes the guard to tell us to be quiet, to hold back our words and suppress our power? It is fear.  What is this fear?  The answer is threefold, and if you are interestd in knowing, visit my page at Bridges Academy to find the answer.You can access the rest of this free article at:

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